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Royal Green Landscaping & Lawn Care provides sodding services across Toronto and the GTA. 

Sodding is one of the most common ways to give your lawn a fresh look. We offer only the highest quality sod and seeding services. Check our installation guide with steps of the sod installation process.


Our Process Guide

 Cleaning and leveling the ground if necessary 

Spreading the topsoil

Laying out the sod and checking that it is perfectly aligning with the sidewalks, driveways, and flower beds.







Sodding starting at $0.99/sq.ft.

Overall, sod costs more than grass seed, but sodding offer benefits that often outweigh the added cost.



Sodding vs Grass Seed

One of the most important things to consider is the ground preparation whether you choosing sod or grass seed. 

Instant Satisfaction 

As soon as you finish installing the sod, it transfers bare spots of ground into a green, fresh, completely covered lawn. The main advantage is that customer gets instant satisfaction of having a green front or back yard. In case of a grass seed lawn, it requires 2 to 4 weeks  before the grass grows in. First when the grass starts to grow, the whole area looks patchy and unattractive. If you don't have enough patience to wait for a grass grown from seed, sod is a definitely faster alternative. Most customers want instant satisfaction and sodding became an obvious choice.  

Less Maintenance

Also, sod requires less care than grass seed. Sod needs regular irrigation to keep it moist until it becomes solidly grown, but another advantage is that sod commonly won't dry out as fast as a grass-seeded spot. In most cases seeded lawn requires more than 3 daily watering sessions to keep the soil underneath moist.

Faster Use

Customers can start using their sod lawns faster than seeded lawn, due to the fact that sodded lawn is already grown. For example, when the young grass blades start appearing from the seeds, walking on the seeded lawn will damage fragile grass blades and may cause dead grass. Sod requires only couple weeks to become solidly grown and typically ready for use faster than a seeded lawn.




Key Benefits of the Service


  Fastest and easiest way to establish a lawn
  Requires less maintenance than grass seed
  Won't dry out as fast as a grass-seeded area
  Serves a as soil protector due to the thick mat of established grass

Suggested Lawn Watering & Mowing Schedule
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