It is a fact that over time, defective spots may occur on your driveway, walkaway and patio interlock exteriors. Due to harsh Canadian climate most interlock and stone surfaces may be damaged  by moisture, cold, direct exposure to sun and traffic. In many cases it will result weeds and grass growing in between the pavers. Also, discoloration and patches influence the appealing look of your property. A properly maintained interlock or stone surface will prevent natural breakdown. 


It’s a known truth that first impressions people create about your commercial/ residential property are based on curb appeal, also known as the presentation of the outside exterior of your property. One of the best ways to achieve fascinating curb appeal status is to make sure that the concrete, interlock, or any other stone/brick work you lay for driveways, walkaways, porches, sidewalks, patios, and retaining walls are properly protected- cleaned and sealed. 


Sealers and Finishes 

One of the hardest part is to decide what type of final look is desired. Walkaways and driveways or patios may require a more flawless, high polished look. Retaining walls or busy areas located on the sides of the swimming pools may require various applications in order to be practical and natural looking. High pressure sealing usually lasts longer, makes faded interlock pavers look like new again, protects it from harsh climate, salt and much more.


These are the most typical types of sealers and finishes to select from for interlocking stone sealing projects:

MatteWet or regular look, no shine. This particular sealer will not change its appearance to a large extent. If you already satisfied with the looks of your stone or interlock exterior, this is the best choice for you.

Semi-Gloss  – Wet or regular look, semi shine. This sealer consists of around 14% of acrylic post sealing content. It creates a very natural wet look similar to the exact look after it has rained with the hlittle indication of shine.

Full/ High-Gloss  – Wet look, full shine. High-gloss sealer is more concentrated and contains higher acrylic post sealing content (around 25%), resulting very shiny, wet looking surface of stone work. 


We Use Polymeric Sand 

Grey or Beige. It does not wash away and prevents growth of weeds/grass between the pavers.


Our Interlock Sealing Process Guide

Pressure wash (3500 psi) to remove old sand/dirt/weeds blast away

Repair surface if necessary

Application of polymeric sand

Application of sealer/ finisher






Fence/Deck sealers protect fences from cracking and discoloration by filling the pores preventing moisture from accessing. You can improve your wood's natural surface or pattern while adding increased protection from the harmful elements like water, dirt or direct exposure to sun.

Sealer's 100% acrylic formula seals out pores in the wood and protects it from harmful UV rays and other elements up to 5-6 years on decks and 7-8 years on fences.

Choose from a variety of colors, glosses, and translucencies!

Transform your dull, colorless fence into fence of your dream!



Deck/ Fence Sealing & Staining Process Guide

Anti-discoloration/ anti-weathering solution wash

Repair and sand surface if necessary

Staining and Sealing

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Key Benefits of the Service

Benefits of interlock sealing:

  Adding visual appeal 
  Adding value to any property
  Extending the life of your interlocking pattern for years
  Helping reduce weed growth between pavers
  Protecting against oils, dirt and daily wears

Benefits of fence/deck sealing and staining:

  Protects from rotting
 Capability to match the color of your fence with your home 
  Preventing from discoloration and splitting 
  Increase lifespan of your deck or fence 
  An attractive, well-constructed fence can add to your home’s overall appeal.

We look forward to working with you and making your ideas come true!