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Royal Green Landscaping & Lawn Care can help you bring your deck or fence project to life. Our team representatives will guide you through procedure steps and give you inspirational ideas by demonstrating latest trends in deck design. One of the largest challenges most people face is how to design deck and integrate it into certain area of their property. If you have finally decided to built the deck you were dreaming about, you should consider things like:

  1. durability
  2. cost
  3. appearance
  4. resistance to bugs and mold
  5. scratch resistance
  6. exposure to direct sun
  7. frequency of maintenance    

Latest Trends In Deck Design  

There are many ways to design your dream deck. For the past few years, so many different types of features are available to create a paradise beside your house.

These features include:

  • LED lighting
  • outdoor lighting
  • outdoor kitchen appliances
  • cultured stone outdoor bars
  • outdoor fireplaces and coffee  tables
  • composite low-maintenance decking 
  • aluminum deck rails

And this is not the whole list of the accessories that are now available for decks. In general, for many homeowners, materials should require little to no maintenance. Due to busy lifestyle, lots of people prefer to spend their free time relaxing with families rather than maintaining their deck to keep it in perfect condition. Today, it is a trend to use materials that require low to no maintenance. For example, aluminum deck rails are the first and obvious choice over the wood for many homeowners.

Our Process Guide

Team representative will discuss with you design and size of deck or fence suitable for your budget. For a deck this will include the dimensions, material, railing style, style of stairs, and more. For a fence this will include type of material, type of post, style of section, height, and more.

A plan of the project design is provided together with the price,. This is the step there the plan can be altered and corrected if necessary.

Once a project design is finalized, the deck/fence is constructed. First the footings have to be poured. It is necessary that the footing are poured to a depth that is below the frost line, to prevent heaving and shifting in the deck/fence. Second the posts are set and the frame is constructed. Additional step here is to build  boards, railings, and stairs for the deck. In case of the fence, certain sections have to be built, and postcaps set. A seal or stain may be applied if desired.









Price will vary based on your choice of deck construction materials. For the low budget, we recommend using pressure treated pine material. Next most affordable alternative, is cedar, pursued by composite materials and then PVC -100% plastic. Most expensive options are exotic premium hardwoods like ipe (generally chosen for its high density and resistance to scratches, decay and insects), tigerwood (naturally resistant to rot and decay which results in a 30+ year lifespan without preservatives), teak (long life, luxury and minimal maintenance decking). 


Wooden vs Synthetic Decking

All wooden deck projects require maintenance, while composite and PVC decks are made to keep maintenance on the lowest level. Customers who choose wooden decks over synthetic decks, must be ready to commit to a frequent maintenance plan. Composite decking contains both plastic and wooden fiber while PVC decking is complete 100% plastic. One of the advantages of composite decks and PVC is that it will not splinter or rot, and highly resistant to insects, but have low resistance to scratches. On the other hand, scratched wooden decks always can be sanded out. 



Key Benefits of the Service

A properly constructed deck can be a appealing addition to your home, increasing both its usability and value and will provide years of luxury backyard recreation for your friends and family.

Benefits of building a deck:

  Deck adds a high amount of design to any home, making it more visually appealing
  Deck naturally increases the home’s value
  Work as a great place to host guests for any party or even to have an extra place to lounge and relax during the warmer months
  Quick to built. Some decks can be completed in a week
 Decks cost significantly less than other home additions

Benefits of building a fence:

  Wide range of fence styles and materials available on the market
  Provides protection not only to help keep young children and animals within the boundary, but also to keep intruders and stray animals out.
  Fences are designed to last quite a long time and will only require a little maintenance to stay in good shape
  Fence can lessen the amount of noise that your backyard suffers from outside of the fence
  An attractive, well-constructed fence can add to your home’s overall appeal.





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